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7 pages | Horror


A grieving father haunted by the loss of his child seeks solace in an unlikely visitor.   

Awards: FilmQuest, SF IndieFest, Atlanta Film Festival, Filmmatic Horror, UK Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, NYISA, Shoot Your Short



7 pages | Horror


Megan goes to body dysmorphia therapy for the people; she desires a perfect body, or at least a limb.  

Awards: Austin Film Festival, HollyShorts, Scriptapalooza, FilmQuest, A Night of Horror, ScreenCraft Film Fund, Filmmatic Shorts, WeScreenplay Shorts Lab, HorrOrigins, SWN, Outstanding Screenplays, WritersXWriters, ScreenCraft, UK Film Festival, TSL/The Script Lab, NYISA

paper monsters mute.JPG


7 pages | Horror


A surrealist drawing game escalates in tension as it reveals the tortured past of one player. 

Awards: Austin Film Festival, ScreenCraft Film Fund, A Night of Horror, Filmmatic Shorts, WeScreenplay Shorts Lab, FilmQuest, HorrOrigins, VHS/Vancouver Horror Show, Pittsburgh Shorts, SWN, Scriptwriters & Co., FilmQuest, Outstanding Screenplays, Atlanta Film Festival, SF IndieFest, WritersXWriters, UK Film Festival, NYISA, Shoot Your Short



11 pages | Horror


A reclusive hobbyist fails miserably at making new friends with his carved apple-dolls so he hatches a fresh plan.

Awards: SWN, LA International Screenplay Awards, The Horror Hotel, 13Horror, Hollywood Just4Shorts, Vail Film Festival, A Night of Horror, Horrors4You, Inroads Fellowship, Hollywood Horrofest, CWA, Imaginarium, Flickers' RIIFF, Filmmatic Shorts, FilmQuest, The Script

Lab, HorrOrigins, Outstanding Screenplays, HorrorHaus, Page Turner Awards, Scriptation, Nightmares Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Filmmatic Horror, ScreenCraft, Fresh Voices, RIFF, Writers X Writers



13 pages | Comedy, Horror, Family

A competitive grandma hosts a family reunion and cooks up a fatty dish that threatens the day. 

Awards:  Nashville Film Festival, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices, Vail Film Festival, ScreenCraft, Hollywood Horrorfest, Imaginarium, CWA, Flickers' RIIFF, NOLA, HorrOrigins, FilmQuest, Filmmatic Comedy, Outstanding Screenplays, HorrorHaus, Hellifax Horror, Oregon Scream Week, MidWest WeirdFest, Cinequest, Page Awards, Writers X Writers, Art of Brooklyn

bad poet.JPG


11 pages | Horror, Thriller

A lovesick poet longs to immortalize her dying lover by crafting a timeless masterpiece; the result is savage perfection.

Awards: Austin Film Festival, HollyShorts, Hollywood Horrorfest, Vail Film Festival, Filmmatic, Burning Love/ Poe Film Festival, FilmQuest, HorrOrigins, HorrorHaus, Austin After Dark, Page Turner Awards, Hellifax Horror, Big Apple Film Festival, SF IndieFest, RIFF, Fresh Voices, MidWest WeirdFest, Imaginarium, SWN, The Golden Script



14 pages | Horror, Thriller

After years of codependency, a resentful mother and bedridden daughter take cruel steps to change up their relationship. 

Awards: ScreenCraft, Hollywood Horrorfest, Bolt, Script Summit, FilmQuest, Austin After Dark, HorrorHaus, Raindance, Nashville, VHS/Vancouver Horror Show, Diabolical, SF IndieFest, Roadmap Top 50, Fade In, Southern California Screenplay, MidWest WeirdFest, RIFF, Fresh Voices, HollyShorts, Nashville, CWA, DIFF, Page Turner, WeScreenplay Shorts Lab, Pittsburgh Shorts

gummies poster.JPG


1 page | Horror, LGBTQIA+

A tomboy transforms the gender trappings of her bedroom to show her cruel mother how sugar and spice don't equal nice.

Awards: Outstanding Screenplays, Killer Shorts, ScreenCraft, Scriptwriters & Co

workforce poster.JPG


1 page | Horror

Blinded by privilege, Brad gets a chilling wake-up

call from his coworkers.

Bath Bomb.JPG


1 page | Horror, LGBTQIA+

A sullen doctor shows off his skills when he orders a romantic bath for his cheating boyfriend.

poster wound low_edited.jpg


4 page | Comedy, Horror

Todd pitches his madcap holiday story to Hallmark. Will they bite, or will he?

Awards: UK Film Festival

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