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100 pages | Adventure/Family/Horror

When a veterinarian descends into a wild animal sanctuary to confront her father’s past, she must battle the legendary Mothman to protect her family’s future.


The story follows Candace, a single mother and aspiring veterinarian who returns home for her estranged dad’s funeral. When her Aunt and Uncle present her with a keycard to an Igloo – a deserted military bunker in the hazard zone – she believes it will unlock the details of her father’s life and heal their relationship. Accompanied by her Aunt, Uncle and 10-year old Son, she discovers the Igloo shelters an underground wildlife reserve, filled with fierce, mutated animals and biological hazards. Trapped inside, she must battle the park’s most fearsome predator, the legendary Mothman, to secure her family’s survival. The Igloo holds generations of secrets and presents Candace with the same dilemma her father faced: in the crossfire of threat, how do we best protect the ones we love. ‘IGLOO’ attempts to reconcile the past by facing the monsters we bury inside. It’s about conquering your demons and creating a safe space to call home.

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104 pages | Dark Drama/Fantasy

A bloodthirsty gallery owner preys on the creativity of others in a quest to be reunited with her eternal love - modern art’s master of misery, Edvard Munch. 


JUJU follows a former blood-vampire who thrives in a field that prizes youth and freshness. As an art dealer, Judith Judson fed on the creative energy of artists, writers and curators for decades, but her vitality is starting to plummet. Rumors of die Kunst Nosferatu, the art vampire, plague her in Berlin. Her iconic ‘Vampire’ painting - a portrait of the eternal bond she shares with artist Edvard Munch - is in a state of unrest. After it vanishes from a museum, the New York Times reporter chasing the story uncovers Judith’s truth. Desperate for her next meal ticket, she takes her hunt to Mexico City and sets her sights on an indigenous artist with unique gifts. Judith soon learns that securing his alliance comes at a cost: he wants a dealer willing to die for his art.


Stylizations draw parallels to the German Expressionist film ‘Nosferatu’, with distorted sets, props and actions. Silent movie placards mark plot transitions and trigger episodes of melodramatic fantasy. Exterior visuals recall Cindy Sherman’s ‘Rear Screen Projection’ photographs, with images iconic to location.




92 pages | Comedy/Horror

When spry grandmother Gigi accidentally cooks up a bold fatty dish, she must prevent it from consuming everyone she holds dear so she can win the Sizzle Jubilee fry contest.

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